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Medical Diagnostic Cleaning

We attend out of hours once the scanning day has finished so there is no impact on your schedule or to your clients.

For MRI, PET and CT scanners all of our staff are fully trained in diagnostic equipment safety and awareness and have on board their van a security scanner which ensures no metal is inadvertently taken into the scanning unit.

The treatment is a deep clean of all areas and is recommended to be repeated monthly as a minimum. A typical treatment would include working from the ceiling down including but not limited to all horizontal and vertical surfaces, scanning tables, scanner bore and gantry, furniture, sanitisers, cupboards, doors, windows, blinds, fire extinguishers, sockets and switches. Any specific requirements you have will also be included for a bespoke service.

We use the latest cleaning products to successfully disinfect all surfaces. The dried residue of the treatment provides further active protection for a further 7 days after the clean providing maximum infection control.

We can then swab test the surfaces to prove the units were clinically clean upon completion. The recorded data can support your response to external audits proving you have outstanding controls in place to meet all clinical governance requirements.

We will be an invaluable partner of your company providing an effective autonomous service.

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