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Ambulance & PTS Cleaning

Ambulance and Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS) cleaning is a specialist field requiring both reactive response and planned treatment. Our fully trained operatives utilise the latest products and systems to ensure your fleet of vehicles are fully sanitised and clinically clean upon completion of our works.

With the 3M Clean Trace swab testing equipment we can prove and record that each ambulance once treated by ClearTrace is clinically clean thus providing you with a detailed audit trail and accountability. Our bespoke auditing software, when used alongside 3M Clean Trace gives you full peace of mind that when a CQC audit takes place you will have a paper and electronic audit trail second to none for all your vehicles.

There are systems on the market which sterilise your ambulance with a gas treatment. However the contamination is still remaining within the ambulance and no data has been seen to confirm if the contamination once treated is sterile throughout the substance ie if you scratch the surface what lies beneath! Our cleaning methods therefore actively remove the contamination from within the vehicle AND sterilise the surfaces.

All equipment used from mops to towelling and cloths are disposed of once a single ambulance has been treated to prevent cross infection from unit to unit. This is key to successful infection control and will aid your clinical governance strategy.

We are able to supply our services either in the form of mobile crews covering several ambulance stations or as static, on site cleaning teams dedicated to an individual location. We can rota staff to cover specific hours or have a permanent team on site 24/7 as part of the Make Ready initiative.

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