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Taking over 3 years of constant research and development the AmbuGard is an effective, safe and low-cost method of protecting people from infection and is quickly and easily applied in the case of an infection outbreak.

    Complete decontamination when used with TriBioSan misting solution for air and surfaces including drivers cab

    Kills 99.9999% of all known pathogens

    Simple and entirely safe for humans

    Digital timer ensures measured ‘cut off’

    Controlled from unit

    Manufactured in the UK – ISO9001 manufactured and CE marked

    Produces a fine ‘dry mist’ that gets into difficult to reach areas

    1-micron mist stays in the air longer to kill all airborne pathogens

    Destroys MRSA, C. Difficile, Norovirus and all 24 main flu viruses

Advantage of Dry Misting:

    Dry misting technology is not wet

    Will not cause damage to sensitive equipment

    Reaches all surfaces including air vents and undersides

    Room or vehicle does not have to be ventilated before re-entry

    Decontaminates, deodorizes and fragrances

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