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We are ClearTrace and we are specialists in infection prevention and control (IPC) cleaning and CQC auditing. ClearTrace have been established since 2008 and are the largest supplier of IPC cleaning services to private MRI, CT and PET providers as well as the patient transport and care home industries; covering all the UK and a fast-growing presence in the IPC of doctor and dental surgeries.

ClearTrace has developed an innovative IT solution to the scheduling, cleaning and auditing of patient carrying vehicles, buildings and large medical equipment that along with our range of IPC chemicals and our training of your IPC staff offers a safe, fast and cost effective way to achieve your IPC targets and requirements

ClearTrace have two types of main services models

    Our ClearTrace CQC Compliance system. A IPC and daily cleaning scheduling tool that is available on Android market place meaning your cleaning staff do not need extra hardware to run it. This powerful tool links, via cloud based servers, to a dashboard that your head office or practice managers have access to letting you have live data about the scheduling and cleaning and CQC compliance at any time. We handle all the reports and schedules for you as well as having dedicated CQC liaison managers to present any reports to the CQC in times of inspections. To make sure our guarantee to help you meet IPC targets are met we also have training programmes for your cleaning and IPC staff, our own chemical solutions and utilise the 3M ATP swabbing system.

    Our own staff cleaning your locations on a regular or in an infection outbreak scenario. The benefits this system offers to our clients are a bespoke scheduled deep cleaning service with emergency cover for any type of infection risk and an electronic audit system that we have devolved with our clients to give you full Outcome 8 compliance. Again, our systems are cloud based so you or any external inspection team would be able to have immediate and real-time access to the audit information.

Some comments about our Compliance system:

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